Thursday, August 4, 2016

Isoboye Danagogo writes

This religious and political lens,
And tribalized social vices,
Won't allow us to see
Today, to tomorrow's view
We are a tool for wealth creation.
We are heaven on today's earth.
We are ample maize;
Soiled to see the future amazed.
We should not deteriorate;
Let us tell them they are inaccurate.
So bring together not segregate
See how they'll see us as pates.
We are tomorrow -- let's start with today
To be productive not to be restive.
We are tomorrow -- let's start with today
To be mindful not to be deceived
By their bucks and metals,
Though indigents covet insurgents.
Though indigents exploits our thumbs
Let's live not to die again,
Because we are lively.

Mother Maize --  Linda Storm & Pablo Perea

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