Thursday, August 25, 2016

C.b. Roberts writes


They're just memories,

So why can't I forget?

Constantly reminding me,

Always ending in regret.

They were just moments,

So why do I relive?

Frozen in time,

It's me I can't forgive.

They were just conversations,

So why do I replay?

Now they’re bottled up inside,

And I have so much more to say.

They’re just feelings,

They'll go away in time.

Though I'll always wonder, what if,

Another place, another time.

You are just the only one,

There still could come another

That will love me as I love you.

God knows I love you like no other.

It was just a heart,

Deserving to be broken.

Shattered by the words

That forever remain unspoken.

It was only love,

It only drove me to my knees.

Rendering me hopeless

Like an incurable disease.

Never again will I surrender.

Never again will I fall.

Nothing left for me to give.

It was to you…I gave my all.

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