Saturday, August 27, 2016

Austin Belanger writes


Everyone wishes to be loved.
Not just as a body for companionship
Or a provision for another's needs.
Everyone wants to be needed,
As a flame needs its fuel,
Or the sky needs its sun.
A need so deep that breathing hurts,
As if the needer is without the presence of the air.
I want to be wanted,
Not needed,
Like some long sought after treasure
That is dazzling to the eye
But without any logical purpose,
A sight and a desire,
Not necessary or required
But coveted as a secret prize.
A fulfillment of a want,
A lust,
A thing to be pursued,
Not something that is loved because it is useful,
But something frivolous

And seen as a want,
Desired because it exists,
Something that hurts when it is not present,
Not a thing of tangible value
But of value unto the one who beholds it.
I want to be loved
As one loves a treasure,
Not as one who provides it.
I want to be wanted,
Not needed.
I want to be missed
When I am not present.
I want to be loved.

A Wealth of Treasure-- Della Rocca

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