Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rik George writes

Remembrance Fifteen
I think I’m most offended to see 
The face of my own death that waits
For me, this wondrous me that sits 
In my flesh and lets the world go by.

Bowing to both the stars and moons 
I feign my resignation to fate;
Inside I seethe with fury and hate 
That she is dead. The many suns

Dance their cosmic waltz to songs 
Old as time. They will dance until
The cosmos ends and God fulfills 
The balance sheet of rights and wrongs.

My end offends me; I would rebel 
If my anger could win the day.
I raise my fist in futile display 
Knowing my defiance will fail. 
 Shaking a fist at a smiling god -- T. McKay

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