Thursday, June 23, 2016

Jennifer Sage writes

The Song of My Soul

Tears, not the normal kind,
Sting eyes green from emotion unleashed, unharnessed by mortal song...
There is no song of the loss I feel...
Made present by goodbyes never said.

Am I a revolving door? No of course I'm not..
The sun rises and sets in my eyes, the stars get their sparkle from my soul...
But I heard, and now I see.....
Still, I fall into a kiss that I cannot let go of.

Slick wet heat follows from my heart to eyes too sensitive,
Beautifully broken, outspoken, just a token of an evening well spent..
You could not possibly know, so I try to let it go..
One day, you may see me..perhaps.

The song of my wish to know?
How easy that is for you as my tremors rock this earth beneath your tongue, my heart trembling and torn..
Then stilled, it ceases to exist,
As do I, your Butterfly, who wakes up the world with my wings, such a beautiful thing.

Wake the fuck up Amante.

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-- Chad Morisato

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