Friday, June 24, 2016

Neelanjana Sarkar writes

Twin tale

College days and the coalescing ways,
But she seemed far and distant.
Made new friends, wishing a single one stays
Yet she was aloof and constant.

Friends, could we ever be?
Hope I did never see.
She had set on a voyage, single.
Good Lord would she ever mingle?

Time was on its course,
Got to know of her source .
Silly as it might sound,
Our thoughts resided on the same ground.

She could write off what I felt
Words seemed to be her wealth.
I always wanted a friend like me,
I could never imagine that was she.

She loved the nature like I did.
Maturity was our common feather indeed.
Stories of life were the same.
Boy oh boy, that’s a shame!

Moments when I felt that we had the same soul,
Realized both were burnt coal.
When I wondered where had she been all my life?
“In a different school, on the other side of the city” was the vibe.

Always and forever never really worked.
We wished to be together till life would get us forked.
Words were many but feelings had the absolute worth,
In our twin-tale never knew when the twins took birth.

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