Monday, June 13, 2016

A. V. Koshy writes

An Epic on Childhood - 23

the eeyal, the preying mantis and the moth
all prey to being victims
two suicidal and one killed for its odd jerky motions
my world like yours is small
my love like yours seeks death's flame
or somehow draws to itself stones
like the zooey too did
in the hands of cruel children
love, i want to be the flames
and consume you
in all your beauty
so that you will be lost forever
in me as a drove of eeyals
and a beautiful moth
and as zooeys
and dragonflies and butterflies in my garden of fire
so that forever there i'll find you
in the ashes of my sorrow's pyre


  1. An all-consuming love, a quest for forever and a beautiful poem results.

  2. That's my Koshy Sir! Perfection in a pen ♡


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