Sunday, June 12, 2016

Arlene Corwin writes

Let’s Not Care

My childhood friend howls about jowls. 
I wince about my double chins.
I’m not inclined to find laugh lines amusing. 
They’re not funny! So what then?
We worry about different issues, 
Wrinkles being one.
We are not simpletons – 
What’s wrong with us
As we step into 
Stages new -
The one called age? 
We seemingly need issues,
Problematic flimsy tissues 
To cling on to.
But it’s really uninvolved, 
I’ve solved it.
I’ve the key. 
It’s vanity. 
So let’s not care!

Lorraine Maggs - Nuzzling In 2014
Nuzzling In 2014 -- Lorraine Maggs

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