Thursday, June 9, 2016

Jennifer Sage writes

Mi Amante

I fall into dreams from a dream...

Melting one heart into the soul of long lost things, recognizing the importance of your mouth on mine,

The joy in tremors that never fade in time; no matter how I try to say goodbye,

I recognize these things; and love you...because I can't not feel that for you in my grand abyss.

In the folds of your arms the whole of the world can disappear and I hear nothing but our love in heated moans and nails scraping eager flesh,

Near Valhalla is the place where your tongue makes love to mine, stroking with the scandalous promises of pleasures yet to come, and oh are they delivered..

Not even divine intervention could cause a delay as you play with my swollen, sweet lips…making art with love too beautiful for words...

This union as yet undefined, which seems sanctified by every order of the universal energies...plays on every inch of my craving soul.

And so I succumb to it, completely and irrevocably....For now.

You are, mi amante, mi amore, my whole, in a world full of pieces....

 ~ Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.
Carl Jung ~

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