Friday, June 24, 2016

Arlene Corwin writes

The Big Decision

Today in Sweden, parties;
The midsummer solstice has been reached.
In England’s Stor Brittania*
Union has been breached -
The vote: to leave a Europe’s huge and first attempt
To make a Europe one.
Now it’s done!  
Great Britain is the first to leave,
Reminding one of Union
And Confederate:
The US Civil War.
What more?
We don’t know what will follow.
Will morrow turn to their advantage?
From the vantage point of Sweden,
Whose dependency is export,
It may be for the worse.
For all the rest, a blessing or a curse
Is yet to see.
Meanwhile, it’s for the likes of me
To write, describe and not project.
The project European Union
Will, in every likelihood,
Go on.
For my part I’m opinion-free.

Now on to my own party.

*Great Britain

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