Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Umid Ali writes



A sorrow sinks into your eyes, 
The evening griefs paining your soul. 
Your days are useless and without honor, 
Your nights are also similar.

Endless heartburn in your heart, 
There is neither joy nor exultation.
If you stand for the right idea:
Loneliness – your only yokefellow.


You sink into the dark night, 
You are hooked by the suspense. 
A panic will grow up suddenly, 
Where is your lover – giantess?

You are waiting for deliverance, 
You look to the moon so sadly. 
Eventually, the darkness fulfilled you,
It sank your beautiful happiness in the bourn.

The earth is turning slow,
The life-evening is plunging unhurried.
This bitter evening is free for you,
But your happiness – dawn is expensive. 

--tr. Asror Allayarov from "The Gate Opened by Angels"

Widow Painting,Acrylic Canvas, Genre and Style NoneWidow -- Abhijit Bhattarcharya


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