Monday, March 13, 2017

Arlene Corwin writes

Giant Flakes In March
           ( a childish poem)

Did someone say
That spring was on its way?
My husband tells me,
“See the treetops?  Smell the air?
Spring is there…well, almost here.”
All I feel is hat on head, the gloves I wear,
The scarf wrapped twice around my neck -
And then the fleck, white speck on coat,
And then another.
I remember when my mother
Owned a coat of black seal fur.
I was eight, flakes mighty,
Eyesight twenty-twenty,
Shape designs of white exquisite.

Sweden, March, two thousand seventeen;
Snow shielding all our green.
I’m not affected.
Warmer weather will appear
Just when I don’t expect it. Image result for snowflake paintings
 Mystery of the Snowflake -. John Lautermilch

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