Saturday, March 11, 2017

Heath Brougher writes

Light and Dark Philosophies Commingle   

Halloween from the head down. Ride bus South night unfortunate religion shoved down throat.
Fast is tall. Washing Machine cauldrons yank yarn into itchy shirts. Stitchy shirts. Pitchy perk.
Yammma doodle dee duel the Universe is the machine that invented the Universe.
Papered perjury.
In papershreds.
In ptarmigan.
In ping.
In likely Big Bangish fashion. Out Ward.
Born out of a black hole.
We are pretty damn sure unless blinded by the terrestrial Gods.
The day they teach algebra to an ant is the day I without a doubt
or reservation whatsoever will Truly believe that this Pantheistic God can be understood.Image result for ptarmigan painting

 Ptarmigan -- Valerie Koudelka

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  1. Ptarmigans are birds in the grouse subfamily that live in tundra or cold upland areas. Their genus name, Lagopus, derived from the Greek "lagos" (hare) + "pous" (foot)" refers their feathered feet and toes. Their English name ptarmigan is derived from the Scottish Gaelic "tàrmachan."
    PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost) is a free software Linux-based live CD ISO image for disk cloning or backup purposes but a ping is a computer network monitoring tool or a push mechanism by which a weblog such as notifies a server that its content has been updated or a computer network administration software utility that tests the reachability of a host on an IP (internet protocol) or the network latency between computers used in online gaming or a manufacturer of golf equipment or a short story by Samuel Beckett which David Lodge described as "the rendering of the consciousness of a person confined in a small, bare, white room, a person who is evidently under extreme duress, and probably at the last gasp of life" or a pulse of sound in active sonar or a noise indicating improper combustion in a car engine or a music social network or the obstetric machine that goes Ping!" in "Monty Python's Meaning of Life" or a planeswalkers' ability in the trading card game "Magic" or a river in Thailand or a community in the state of Washington in the US or a type of Chinese flat bread or a unit of measure equal to one Japanese tsubo (the size of two tatami mats. 3.306 sq m, 35.59 sq ft), the principal unit for measuring floorspace in Taiwan. Aside from real people named Ping it is shared by ostensibly fictional characters including a a domesticated Chinese duck, a Chinese-food delivery boy in the televison situation comedy "Seinfeld," a robotic PS2 accessory/a non-H (non-hentai; platonic love only) test model of the new Sony-EDS (Emotional Doll System) in Fred Gallagher's webcomic "Megatokyo," the character played by Marcel Marceau in "Barbarella," Hugh McNeill's gag-a-day elastic man from the British magazine "The Beano," the Kung Fu Panda, and Mulan's disguised identity as a soldier.


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