Monday, March 20, 2017

John D Robinson writes

They’d come knocking on my
door in the early hours; they’d
be drunk and stoned and
distressed and sometime they’d
be damn hysterical and they’d
sit on my bed drinking my wine
and tell me of their brutal,
thoughtless and argumentative
boyfriends and how I was always
so considerate and kind and I
comforted them and offered to
go straighten out the assholes
and then they’d leave me and
they never once knocked on my
door and asked if I was okay and
did I want a good time and
most of the time I wasn’t okay
and I did want a good time,
but that knock on the door
never came though I was always
reading and waiting.
 Willem de Kooning, "Woman", 1949-1950
 Woman -- Willem de Kooning

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