Sunday, March 5, 2017

June Calender writes


A rush of robins
two dozen at least
scuttling on sticklike legs
all over the greening lawn
finding, I think, sustenance
for flying further on.

A caucus of resident crows
strutting like pompous judges
preserving their caws
for tree top pronouncements
about their locales and rules.

A squadron of Canadian geese
proclaim their arrival
dropping big bodies like bombs
exactly on target, proudly
look about for praise
before they start to graze.

Two little gray wrens again
flit-fly-hop partly hidden
in the tangled forsythia,
silently playing the slim
perches like children on a
school yard jungle gym.

Resident gulls glide after
lift-off from the flat roof,
quiet now, saving their mewling
calls ‘til next month for waiting
hungry chicks. Meanwhile
they practice their car decorating tricks.

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16 Birds Collage -- JENLO

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