Monday, March 6, 2017

J.J. Campbell writes

wrap around your soul

and here comes the 
raven haired goddess 
with a streak of purple 
pointing down to these 
never ending legs

the type of legs you'd 
like to wrap around 
your soul twice

i stop to check my 
grocery list hoping 
to get a better look

i find her again in  
another aisle

i slowly go past her 
hoping to catch a  
whiff of something  

she doesn't notice me

not even a dirty look 
or a fuck off

i've read all these  
stories about people  
meeting in grocery  

more bullshit from  
the beautiful people  
i guess

 Image result for enchantress in grocery store painting 
On the Other Side of a Glance -- Reza Derakshami

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