Sunday, March 5, 2017

Jake Cosmos Aller writes

Angel Of Desire

One day,
A long, long, long time ago

In a distant land and place
There lived a lonely, wretched man

He was filled with anger, hatred and despair
All was lost, darkness and gloom

He wandered the world
Here and there

Looking for something
He knew not what

Then one fine evening
He looked up and saw
A vision, an angel of delight

A woman of divine splendor
A lady so fantastic
He thought surely he was dreaming

He did not know what to say
He did not what to do

All he could do
Was stare at this unearthly vision

He approached her
He needed her
He wanted her

He knew that if he could not have her
He would surely die

His mind was aflutter
His mind was filled
With the vision of that beauty
Overwhelming him with desire

Soon he met her
Wooed her, married her

Life changed forever from that moment forward

The gloom lifted
The darkness was banished

Sunshine filled his heart
And music filled his ears

Every time he looked at her
His heart went aflutter
He could not live without her

Then one day
This man was forced to live
Another life of loneliness

Despair and Darkness
All around him yet again

The lady of his dreams
The angel of his desire
Lives 10,000 miles away

Leaving him darkness, gloom and despair

The only hope he has
Is that soon, one day

This separation will end
Forever more

And then he will be complete yet again
With his Angel of Desire

And the Darkness, gloom and anger
Will be banished forever more
In the brightness of her eternal smile

So he lies down to sleep
And sees his Angel in his dreams

Wakes up with a smile
Knowing soon he will be with her

Forever more together
With his Angel of Desire

 Heartbroken ... Artist Heather Theurer:
 Heartbroken -- Heather Theurer

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