Thursday, September 1, 2016

Alicja Kuberska writes

Women of the world

Today it is Women’s Day.
Internet portals are pretty and nice
- full of flowers, compliments and red hearts.
It's for free and it does not require big effort.
Copy -  paste

The married woman was stoned in the mountain village.
She betrayed one and fell in love with another man.
She forgot  that she has an owner.
Her husband threw the first stone.
The world is silent.

A young girl was hanged in the big city.
She deserved the death – her eyes were too beautiful.
A crowd of men surrounded and raped her.
She was guilt itself.
The world is silent.

A child did not survive the wedding night.
The girl died, it happens.
All was in accordance with the law.
The old man paid well for a virgin.
The world is silent.

The schoolgirls were kidnapped and sold.
The slaves have their price.
The sexual toys become cheaper,
the law of demand and supply works.
The world is silent.

In the villages of bachelors there are no women.
The dowry is expensive, abortion is cheap.

All female embryos were removed.
Everyday life  is closer to the ideal.
The world is silent.

He gave her a rose in the morning
and bruise under the eye in the evening.
It was her fault.
She deserved to be punished
- the soup was too salty.

I dedicate this poem to all hypocrites of the world

 La Doliente [The Mourner] -- Alberto Penagos

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