Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ra Sh writes


Each night I discern
in her fanged pelvic isle,
a blood yawning cat
juicy moused.

Cat under, puss upon, cat in, puss around,
Cat when, puss who, cat where, puss what?
What's a cat?
A tale of nine lives / A life of nine tails /
A tail of nine lives / A lie of nine tales?

The lie that's her isle is a vanishing
Silver by moony night / Quicksilver by sun.

We play cat & mouse year in month out
In disneylandpussylandmousyland
In 4D 5D 9D
Strata spectra spatia
Flipping dimensions,
Entering P / Exiting Q.

You, my eternal pussy, I squeal
You, my eternal rodent, she meows.
Her soft footfalls echo silent in the death chambers.
My shrill squeaks thin out in the love burrows.

Death / Love / Chamber / Burrow
Moans a night cat blackishly.
I huddle with her in the attic arm chair,
We barter delicious tongues,
Cat tongues.

* Poocha - Malayalam for Cat

Children Teaching a Cat to Dance -- Jan Havicksz Steen  

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