Friday, September 30, 2016

June Calender writes

News Seller

Early morning, fresh wet air as if the city
    After a cleansing shower dries off deodorized.
    The sky is as pale as a much worn chambray shirt,
    Even asphalt looks scrubbed in this light.
Oriental incense invisible, surrounds a new aluminum kiosk   
    An imaginary miasma of Dehli reds and purples.
The Indian news seller purifies and blesses
His tiny domain to gain his share
Of the dream of prosperity,
Invoking daily the hopes
That brought him far from home.
    I pass by and never stop, never buy,
    But breathe the complex scent
    And feel my day is blessed by his belief.
    My cynicisms curl and crumble like the ash
    Of his incense sticks.

Un Puesto da Diariosen B.A. -- Norberto Dorantes


  1. Oh, how I love this poem! Evocative, invoking memories of my old NYC home, but even more, standing on its own as a simply wonderful, finely crafted piece of energy and art.
    Oh, how I love this poem!

  2. And the illustration - oh my! If I could paint, I'd paint like that!


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