Sunday, September 11, 2016

Anoucheka Gangabissoon writes

Impossible Love

Is love not more beautiful when it is impossible
Does love not feel more alluring when it is forbidden
Love, sinful yearning for the sinfully chosen one
Love, instilling in me, moody tides

A mere glance
And nothing matters anymore
Time stops
The chatters accompanying me die out
Pulsating do be my desires
And here comes the raging wind
Here it comes and undresses me
Vulnerable,  naked,  faced with love,
Unable to hide those guilty feelings of forbidden yearning
They come those painful realizations that love of such type shall never be

Love, is it not more beautiful when it is impossible
Love, powerful enough to render me obsessed
Love, powerful enough to make of me a sinner
An outcast, a femme fatale
A desirous one
A dreamy one
A dangerous one

I open my mouth and breathe out
I wave my hands and bid the winds to come back
To enrobe me again
I wave my hands and bid time to tick again
I chatter again, I laugh again
And I just walk away, glancing at love
As if it were a stranger

Love, more beautiful when impossible
Is to be left untouched
Its raging fire, powerful and destructive
Can cause my whole world to crumble and collapse!

Flames -- Mhairi Sinclair

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