Thursday, September 15, 2016

Umid Ali writes


I missed
The fall of the leaves in autumn
On the sidewalk of love.
I loved the leaves – sorrows,
In the wistful world we have walked about.
Every leaf --
The surah of the autumn,
It lands in the soul as love.
I am spacious – the best part of love.
I was condemned to give my soul
In the brightest night of the moon.
My body was praying,
Hunting – in my spirit’s tune,
Sounding out: “Love – the divine service.”
I missed
The fall of the leaves in autumn
On the sidewalk of love.

--tr. Asror Allayarov, from "The Gate Opened by Angels"

Chûte de feuillus (Fall of Leaves) -- Vincent van Gogh


  1. A Surah is a "chapter" in the Qur'an. There are 114 suwar, each divided into ayat (verses), and the Qur'an is organized roughly in order of descending size; the longest (Al-Baqara) has 286 ayat, the smallest (Al-Kawthar) just three.

    "Chûte de feuillus" is a pair of "pendants" that van Gogh painted late in 1888, among the first he did after Paul Gauguin moved in with him. They depicted Les Alyscamps, a necropolis the Romans had built outside Arles' city walls. Over time the grounds were overtaken by factories and a railroad, and Arles relocated some of the sarcophagi in a long alley (the Allée des Tombeaux)lined with benches and poplar trees that became a celebrated "lover's lane." Gaughin painted two works on the same day, though from a different vantage point. Van Gogh's brushtrokes were applied to Gauguin's jute, creating tapestry-like texture, and he described the "collaborative process" as a pooling of thoughts and techniques whereby each artist created a unique but complementary work. To his siter he desribed his selection and placement of contrasting colors "which cause each other to shine brilliantly, which form a couple, which complete each other like man and woman." But the sarcophagi and the fallen leaves portended death.


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