Saturday, September 17, 2016

Rainy Sarmistha writes


Blinking, trembling quietly
I follow my staggering fantasy
The oozing demon of her integrity
Nurtures with the sense of a calm anticipation
It’s a dark night today
She could not even stop thinking
The cloudless night under a fat moon
She prepares a moment of joy
The silver light of moon
Looks as cold as a ball of ice
The rushing radiance of his every touch
Pierces in her flesh of passion
And her desire bleeds with anticipation
The shadow of the thirsty traveler
Stood silent at the core of her soul
The vast expanse of the night
Witnesses the longing of her beloved
O she screams with ecstasy
Dark night indeed it is!
That is icing my temptation
And slowly moving forward
For a completion of the night
Into a day.
 Shadow -- Cheoi Hee Lim

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