Friday, September 30, 2016

Keith Francese writes

the growing overuse of lens flares

and the bandings rent 

gossamer acquainted 
with time

and time 
having reached a long pause

comes a moment 

for quiet 
elongated along a wide, pale hall

this winter has been aired out 
of reaches

and unharried

a lifetime of voyage 
vaguely dreamt, 

ages upon ages 
cast diminutive

japed, sun 

[Lens flare on stairs of Borobudur temple, Magetang, Indonesiato enhance the sense of ascending

1 comment:

  1. Lens flare is the light that is scattered via internal reflection, scattering caused by material inhomogeneities in the lens, or other image formation mechanisms. It manifests itself as a haze or as visual artifacts (starbursts or rings). It is often caused by a bright lightsource, such as shooting directly into the sun. Although most of the time lens flare is unwanted, it may be deliberately used to invoke a sense of drama. It was one of the first special effects developed for computer graphics.


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