Sunday, September 18, 2016

Parveen Sethi writes

We screamed at each other
We argued for hours
Twisted and tossed
each word said by the other
Shouted and screeched
fought and made up
Invariably ending in each other's arms
The love lived on

Beaten and tired we let creep
cold indifference in our hearts
You cared no more for my words
I remained unaffected by what you said
We no longer fight
Nor do we harbour any strife
Smiling at each other all the while
We drop courteous jibes
The love perished long ago
The day we gave up the fight

Pretensions on
We move along
The days I mull over what was lost
The rue grows strong
Keeping up the act
We both softly say
'Nothing is wrong'

 Indifference -- Jorge Cardenas

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