Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kevin Patrick Hodgkiss writes

blue girl in a red car

blue girl in a red car
driving ‘cross some traffic trapped bridge
she’s got a cell phone
and a cigarette
dangling from her lower lip
but waiting to burn
like all the wheels
on all the cars waiting to turn

this blue girl in a red car and a sigh.

cold water underneath moving purposeful and strong
dragging every rock and bottle and bag along
‘til everything in it’s path has either moved or gone
i try to get her attention
so she’d notice my intention
but she won’t even look in my direction
just forward and strong
and in an unsuspecting moment
before my failed encroachment
I will waver and like a laser
she’ll be gone

we got this impending morning circus
we’ve yet barely scratched the surface
to the core of cause and purpose, will deny
a daring sun that creeps up and exemplifies
every little minute that goes rolling by
for a blue girl in a red car and a sigh

under a sky that’s still yawning
teasing a day that’s still dawning
this ain’t my damn morning
as every little minute that goes by
for a blue girl in a red car and a sigh

she’s covered her face in her hair and her hands
refusing to give in to the days demands
her head and her patience on the dashboard lands
she trades all the whens for a why
this blue girl in the red car with a sigh

 Oil palinting by Adam Strange
 Car Girl -- Adam Strange

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