Thursday, February 2, 2017

Heather Jephcott writes

My Beloved...An Extravagant Love Song

Lavishly loved,
feeling a special, tender nearness
that defies all the rules,
a closeness that spreads
fine particles of purity, of inner beauty,
awarded constantly
copious quantities of attention.

Steeping in his flavours,
heart, mind, face,
an exuberant show of smiles,
seeing him,
evidences of his superb beauty,
surrounded by his unsparing giving
that flows endlessly, unstinting.

His heart is full of presents, favours,
his presence unselfish but sumptuous,
feasting on his bountiful
profuse, delicious largesse.

Do you wonder at this?
You should!
I do!
That is why you see my face glowing.

This is not a one way love.
My beloved is mine
and I am totally his. 
 Weird Beauty
from Weird Beauty series -- Alexander Khokhlov & Valeriva Kutsan

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