Monday, February 6, 2017

Charles Aashfahan writes

Oh! Charles

Oh Charles! what pleasure, 
Do you get into loving the one 
Who didn't love you: 
Hope its different, 
All different, far from 
Any imaginable glee.

Oh Charles! the weird mistakes 
You did in the past: 
Forget them, for it will relieve both- 
You as her paramour 
And she, as your lover.

Oh Charles! the river of love
Runs in strange directions. 
One who jumps into it gets drowned, 
And the one who drowns gets across.

Oh Charles! time will heal, 
But it will take some time. 
A day will come, when- 
I shall become you, and you me, 
I shall be the body and you, the soul.

 Floating Photography by Glennis Siverson:

 You Are The Ocean And I Am Drowning -- Glennis Siverson

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