Thursday, February 16, 2017

Kevin M. Hibshman

Black Balloon

Merges with night,
is rising to be swallowed.
How dare I dream of love,

of things not born of pain,
when that is all there ever is,
when that is the game I somehow agreed to play.
How dare I dream at all?
That is not a right.
How dare I long to merge with your song in the sky.
How dare I!

Black balloon, white desert, blue sky, person suspended
Aerocene -- Ewen Chardronnet

1 comment:

  1. Tomás Saraceno’s aerosolar sculpture "Aerocene" is a balloon powered by solar heat. On 8 November 2015 sculptor and sculpture floated above White Sands, New Mexico, for more than two hours. The event was organized by the Rubin Center for the Visual Arts in El Paso and curated by Rob La Frenais. The site was chosen because the first US rocket launches were nearby.


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