Thursday, February 23, 2017

Umid Ali writes

To sister M.

This woman’s eyes are bright, 
This woman’s worlds are numerous. 
This woman’s joys never ends, 
This woman’s heart is a way to the universe.

Fatigue is away from her, 
Her springs bloom many more.
In this woman’s rapture
You never see any dissatisfaction.

So joyous is this woman, 
Her happiness and felicity grow, 
In the warmth of her body
The autumn’s stagnation freezes.

Her dreams are also full of honor.
There is an imagination of spring. 
You don’t know, maybe right now, 
She is the happiest woman in the world.

--tr. Asror Allayarov from "The Gate Opened by Angels"

Image result for imagination of spring paintings
 Dreaming of Spring -- Christian Schloe


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