Thursday, February 2, 2017

Daginne Aignend writes

One bag of clothes

She's sixteen years old as
father takes her to his family and homeland
A land with unknown habits and traditions
Eager, she boards the plane
though he seems to be nervous
A breathtaking landscape unfolds
before her eyes, majestic mountains
framed in cerulean skies and golden sands

An old smudgy man
with a matted beard and
bad teeth approaches her
He asks inappropriate questions
She decides to ignore him
Father reacts infuriated
She insulted her future husband
Next week she will be a married woman

Rape, beatings, and humiliation
No sympathy nor support by her family
She flees in the night
All she possesses is one bag of clothes
and her freedom

“The Runaway Girl”  (Kellein 45)  
The Runaway Girl -- Louise Bourgeois

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