Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ed Sense writes


It is the time of begging from the day,
Begging for night
to shoulder the burdens
that daylight has not lessened.

Down below the eaves,
out of craggy corners,
up from between stepping stones,
through the stacks of rock fence walls,
shadows, briefly looking as if come to roost,
quickly gather strength
and density to spread themselves
into and around plants, shrubs, trees,
along walls, wagons, and yard equipment,
in an effort to reach indoors.

As light bulbs and candles burn,
the searching dark flexing fingers
Peer into windows and keyholes,
hover around the sills and door edges,
waiting to rush and darken the interior
if a bulb should fail
or a candle flicker out
and vanish into darkness.

The grasping at any light
to dim or extinguish continues
until it becomes the begging time of night,
when the tired shadows beseech
the coming paleness to free them once again
from the disappointment of unfulfilled
and stifled duties.
 Image result for twilight shadows paintings
 kuggspel, Vårljusskymning (Shadows, twilight) -- CAN (Gosta Adrian-Nisso)

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