Saturday, January 28, 2017


A thaw wind stole softened in 
and walked its shadow down the wall, 
unedged this heart of flint.

Yes, this hunchback which I am

exhibits its Olympic plaque

like one more oriflamme.

You renew dry blooms like a spring.

The I-as-eunuch whom you knew

has fixed his battering

ram, dug his sword from the mould.

This dragon hiding in my skin

must now expose his gold.

Dead still limbs tortured to bud.

At last this dark tyrant deposed.

Hurt earth unfroze to mud.

Freezing night can’t sleep so long

as flowers burst in firework

and larks upon their song.

Mountains take off robes of snow

and rivers caps of ice

as spring’s wind begins to blow.

-- Duane Vorhees

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