Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Umid Ali writes


A phone is ringing… 
Your voice is arousing me – 
A tone is sounding with me.  
Your melody is defying me, 
A love-bud will bloom.

I compare my hope to the sky, 
A ray is blinding me – the sun. 
After I gave away my heart to love - fire, 
I become young again, 
Become young… young.

A tone’s music is not stopping, 
My mind is becoming fresh. 
Night is not dark but happiness… 
Its color –  
The night when love was shining… 
A phone is ringing…

--tr. Asror Allayarov, from "The Gate Opened by Angels" 


 Universe of Desire -- Jesse Edwards                (oil painted ceramic Blackberries and iPhones)

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