Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Aakriti Kuntal writes

Elliptical Waves of Orange

Tangerine rolling pins, bend and spin
Segment and disintegrate, shards of fireflies
flick flick, 
A raging erupts against the colloidal mist
The sky sits
with a heavy bosom
milking the cornea of wandering eyes
(obtuse stares and acute squints)

I, however, am supplementary
My legs, wheat logs, brazen against the evening’s underground lips
Nails clawing plastic buttons
defeated blue shirt, denim and stains, memories and misery
My calves stretch, deflated windpipes
Autumn leaves billowing in me

Orange pulp whimpers, flimsy as life, rubs against the dwelling in the air
Somber air burns, in reluctant glooming
Frisking leaves sniffling and kissing, 
strands and celluloid stems, patterns and patterns
Warmth enters as mad eels 
into my pockets, across my vagina
a pinch and a flowering
Then orange leaves fall, 
strangulated by oxygen swings
Pile beside red and yellow buttons
A shelter in my clockwork existence

I spill a compact laughing emoji
I spill 
and split
my lips into baked lunar joys
Drowning together,
the leaves and I 
Frayed, dismantled and churning
Drowning together,
the leaves and I
Taking sanctuary in each other’s low breathing

 Orange Green Blue Pearl Painting

 Orange Painting With Pearlescent Blue -- Blake Zucker

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