Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dustin Pickering draws

Blushing Russian


  1. The "M" on the belt stands for Medusa and "Mum", as in silence. This androgynous figure represents stone cold silence. The medallion on her neck is the all-seeing eye of Providence seen on our dollar bill. Some equate the eye with the Masons, but I see it as one of many symbols of "God watching over the country" that countries use. I use the symbol here to add mystique to the figure and broaden the meaning of the drawing. The figure becomes an archetype with the symbols involved. It symbolizes the end of consciousness, the silence faced where Kierkegaard says we must take the leap of faith.

  2. Also, from the American perspective Russia is "the Other"-- that division where your opposite is the source of your being. Identity as cohabiting on top of the unconscious. Think Jacques Lacan.

  3. Instead of Lacan, I thought athletics and the notion many had that the Russian women were pumped up with male hormones to compete.....


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