Sunday, July 26, 2020

John Zedolik writes

Doubtful Armor                                                     

The tale, over tea and coffee
on an easy Saturday evening
was of loosed armadillos,

minor mayhem and mischief
on a hotel floor then false
reporting to earnest police,

which yarn elicited laughter
from the group whose members
were reveling in their third decade,

some parenting and some almost,
so what better than a story
of those southern scramblers

of neutral to unattractive temper
on account of their small brains,
according to the raconteur,

in contrast to these relatively
young and prosperous representatives
of a species with much larger

noggins and proportionate brains encased
to boot though without the plating
the old Spanish attributed

to the low mammal, so needing
at times such diversions concerning
carpet-covering chaos little critters

and other unthinkers bring.

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