Saturday, July 25, 2020

John Doyle writes

I’ll Send You a Postcard Tomorrow Amelia, That I Promise

Negatives of my shoelaces
fade from my shins
as I dissolve into my myself,
appearing moments later

as an acrobat in Rush and Lusk Station
haunted by the puppeteer
who pulled the children
like seaweed from the waters -

it makes a believable alibi
explaining myself 
to a man checking tickets
who spent last night sleeping

in a wooden hotel from the late 19th Century
while his wife, son and daughter
trotted off to Sunday School


  1. Rush and Lusk railway station (Stáisiún An Ros agus Lusca) serves the towns of Rush and Lusk in County Dublin, Ireland. It opened on 25 May 1844.

  2. I love your poems, John Doyle. They have calm, yet poignant appeal in the portrayal of events and subtle nuances captured in vivid detail.

  3. POW!erfull. Effusive. BOMBastic... yet
    I think you're too much focused on the
    world: 1-outta-1 bites-the-dust, bro,
    and if I didn't know Jeeee-sis! I'd
    have a puh-rettyXwising above --->
    Solution? We made this blogOramma for
    allah those who're whorizontal:
    ☆ ☆
    Cya soon.


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