Saturday, July 25, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes

Each Trick On Mac

I wish I knew each trick on Mac
To send and track;
Each new technique
A winning streak in cyber-speak. 

Trying hard to not be piqued
By an ineptitude 
That lies within the DNA
(or am I justifying being lazy).
Anyway, I’m way behind in keeping up.
In sending through my things to do,
Like all the books I’ve left to publish,
Then when published, to divulge.  

Indulge me:
Am I doomed to be unknown/ anon 
Until the kids of kids of kids have grown? 
Was it some centuries before Johan Sebastian Bach prevailed?
What’s-his long-forgotten name unveiled? 
Lost for ages Raphael (or some same fellow)…
You know what I mean.
And all because I never worked 
To learn this darned Machine!

* You’ll never believe it, but this sieve of a brain who tried for hours to recall ‘what’s-his-name’, abandoning it entirely, suddenly came up with, first, “Centuries of Meditations” then minutes later Traherne, then minutes more Thomas. My God, this has never happened before! That some figure I’d not referred to, given a thought to or even read since university days, should 65 years later suddenly explode with it. I’m in shock!  I have some re-writing to do, for sure. If not here, elsewhere. But first I ought to do a  little reading.

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