Saturday, July 25, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes


Everybody is a body:
Underneath it all, a body total.
Big or small, broad and ample, 
Slight, but never trivial,
Arrival on this planet 
Nothing short of miracle;

We’re meant to love it, but without
The pride of vanity,
For we know, vanities
Are valueless,
The body, paradoxically,
A  transiency;  
One could just say, 
A moment’s instability.

We’re born to care
And not be fooled by armpit hair,
Boob and cheek.
Soon or late all parts are weakened.

Tooled to grow, unroll, unfold:
It is a body, after all.
A million, zillion cells
That only ever wish us well.
Dimply, pimply, faintly smelly.
When each jolly quirk is tallied,
Everybody but a body. 

Torsos weak and torsos strong 
See us through the whole lifelong;
All of you and all of me.
This solely one and only body.
"...for those spiritually oriented people who think I’ve left out ‘soul' - even soul has to take a body before it can function. Otherwise, it’s just up there somewhere in the skies." -- Arlene
human body; human anatomy

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