Saturday, July 25, 2020

Arlene Corwin writes

The Sin Of Pride
I heard the phrase: it froze, was glued.
First thought: What’s sin?
The second: what is pride?
A sin is when you miss the mark,
(Connected to self- condemnation –
Sadly, to iniquity )
Pride is when you’ve chosen wrongly,
Guided by a mostly falsely high opinion
Of oneself and one’s importance.
Yet we use it as a virtue,
Nurture as if it were good;
Pride in country, children, kin..
Fact: exclusion and restriction;
Leaving out, elimination;,
Failing to include oneself as sinful,
Ignorant and rude.
Reality contains the certitude
That we are all a family
With variations in the tree:
Tendency and quality, person, personality.
None is better or more worthy –
(one more fancy theory).
We’ve all filled with invasive traits:
“All-inclusive” like the place.
Different nose, different face,
Different color, difference race;
Talents more or less intense;
On the fence;
Pride: to swap for modesty,
A lack of vanity,
The ever growing insight that we
All are everyone and nobody.

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