Friday, April 5, 2019

Sakat Gupta Majumdar writes

Beware of dog

In the house of Henry Brown, a Doberman stayed
Angry, ferocious and swift -
The neighbours remained in fear,
The thieves and decoits did not dare.
Visitors used to think if doorbell should be pressed.

The buckle’s chain was in tight grip whenever on the street.
A careful gap by the pedestrians kept
Vendors stopped crying having seen it,
Snatchers and burglars used to retreat.

The years passed and magical swiftness had gone down
As ‘Tommy’ grew old
That terrible barking turned to a gentle roar
And, the anger seldom noticed by Henry Brown.

Silence began to prevail with the death of the pet
As waiting outside
Thieves and decoits began to get brave
But strangers would hesitate
At ‘beware of dog’ still there on the gate.
Cave Canem ["Beware of the Dog"] in House of the Tragic Poet, Pompeii

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