Saturday, April 6, 2019

Pramila Khadun writes

I am in love

Teasingly touching my teardrops,
You pressed my precious plaits
With fingers faultless and fragile.

You caressed my cheeks closely,
Light lovely lily-white lips
Kissing and kindling
My interior’s inaugural incisive inspirations.

You aroused achingly accurate
Desires, desirous as dolphins
Swimming smoothly in the sea, sweet sixteen.
The passions, the pains, the plight, the plot
All in surges, like sea-weeds surround me
Secretly, secret servants of season’s servitude.

I hold you, hold it, hold your heart
And I am lost, lost in the light of love,
My eyes enormous, electrifying, elating
See you and you
And I say to myself
I am in love
Image result for big eyes paintings
Big Eyes -- Ilir Pojani

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