Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Marcus Severns writes

Finger Taps Break The Day Away

The boss lady sits all day eating,
Playing games on her phone,
Swirling her foot

And otherwise resistant to doing labor.

She owns the land, 
                 I work it.
 Do what she says, 
                  Or it's find another place.

She swirls her foot,
                  Taps at a screen,
                  And is otherwise useless to a business –
                  She can't lift or carry anything,  
                  She can't walk,
                  Nor does her mind seem to be functioning well.

                  I suppose that's why she has people working for her,
                  As the roof leaks
                  As the mice scutter in the walls,

                  She asks,
                  “Did you make sure we had the yard                    mowed?
                  We need to make it look nice
                  For if anyone comes by.”

I nod,
Wondering how she is capable of owning anything

                  She should retire,
                  Throw her punch card in,
                  Cash out,
                  And have someone else manage this

I do what I can though.
I sweep,
Catch the rodents in cages,
Do paper work:

Keep the place going. 

I run the whole business for her,
                   But on paper.

La Mort et le Fossoyeur (Death and the Grave Digger) -- Carlos Schwabe

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