Tuesday, April 9, 2019

David Boski writes

Dinosaurs Too

you used to download porn on LimeWire
using a dial up internet connection,
watch wrestling when the WWE was still the WWF,
use a Zenith VCR to record movies
off of your gigantic television set,
own a Walkman and after that a Discman;
there are kids out there who have forgotten more
about technology than you have ever known,
you get tired for no reason,
your hangovers are much worse now,
it takes you longer to piss,
and you have greys in your pubic hair;
you can’t get up without having a cup of coffee
or two or three,
sometimes your back hurts
according to WebMD
you’re completely fucked;
you’re old enough to be 
a father—
to a teenager,
and one time a woman 
at a bar replied 
‘wow that’s old’
after you told her your age
but that’s ok;
cause one day
she’ll be a fucking
Scientists Explain The Possible Existence Of Reptilian Humanoids!


  1. LimeWire was a free peer-to-peer file sharing client. In 2010 in Arista Records LLC v. Lime Group LLC, US district judge Kimba Maureen Wood issued an injunction forcing it prevent "the searching, downloading, uploading, file trading and/or file distribution functionality, and/or all functionality" of its software.

    In 1952 Roderick James "Jess" McMahon, a boxing and wrestling promoter since the 1910s, created Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd. with Toots Mondt. CWC joined the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) in 1953, but McMahon died in 1954. One of Mondt's associates brought in McMahon's son Vincent, and the 2 men soon controlled approximately 70% of the NWA's bookings. In 1963, McMahon and Mondt left the NWA and formed the World Wide Wrestling Federation. In the late 1960s Mondt left Capitol, and in 1971 the WWWF rejoined the NWA and, in 1979, was renamed the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). In 1982 McMahon sold Capital to his son Vince McMahon and his wife Linda (currently Donald Tump's head of the US Small Business Administration), who had formed Titan Sports, Inc., in 1980. The younger McMahon once again withfrew from the NWA in 1983 and completely changed the wrestling business by getting WWF programming on syndicated television, thus disrupting the well-established boundaries of the 2 dozen rival wrestling promotions, eventually ending the territory system which had existed since the founding of the NWA in the 1940s. At the same time, the firm expanded the industry's theatricality and took wrestling back to network TV for the 1st time since the 1950s. Titan Sports was renamed World Wrestling Federation, Inc. in 1998 and then World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. a year later. Due to a lawsuit by the World Wildlife Fund over the use of "WWF" it became World Wrestling Entertainment in 2002.

  2. Ralph Matthews and Karl Hassel founded Chicago Radio Labs in 1918 Their ham radio call sign 9ZN, was the basis for their renamed Zenith Radio Company, formally incorporated in 1923. It introduced the 1st portable radio in 1924, the 1st mass-produced Alternating Current radio in 1926, and push-button tuning in 1927. It added car radios in the 1930s and TVs in 1948, and invented wireless remote control and FM multiplex stereo, as well as high-contrast and flat-face picture tubes, and the multichannel television sound (MTS) stereo system for analog television broadcasts. Its WWZR in Chicago was 1 of the 1st FM radio stations was founded in 1940, and began broadcasting in stereo in 1961. In 1979 it entered the computer market by buying Heath Company and formed Zenith Data Systems (ZDS). In 1972 Koninklijke Philips N.V. introduced its viceocasette recorders (VCRs). In 1976 JVC launched the Video Home System (VHS) during the 1st year of production for Sony's Betamax; the VHS had longer playing time, faster rewinding and fast-forwarding, a less-complex lower-cost tape transport mechanism, and, due to its open standard, allowed mass production without licensing costs. JVC eventually supplied the VHS format for Zenith. However, the American company changed its name to Zenith Electronics Corporation in 1984, 2 years after it left the radio business. To raise money for HDTV research efforts and to reduce debt, Zenith sold ZDS to Groupe Bull in October 1989 but its debt problems continued. To avoid a hostile takeover it sold 5% of itself to LG Electronics, a Korean company, as part of a technology-sharing agreement. LG increased its stake to 55% in 1995 and bought the rest of the company in 1999.

    Koninklijke Philips N.V.developed magnetic cassette technology in 1963, but Sony cofounder Masaru Ibuka devised the Walkman portable media player, which his firm introduced in 1979. The company expected to sell about 5,000 units/month, but in the 1st 2 months it sold more than 50,000. The product introduced the idea of "Japanese-ness" to global culture, synonymous with miniaturization and high-technology. In 1984 a portable Compact Disc player, the Discman, was added, though its name was changed to CD Walkman in 2000. These products were the ancestors of digital audio players such as Apple's iPod, introduced in 2001. The increased popularity of the MP3 players led Sony to discontinue manufacturing the Walkman in Japan in 2010 though it still makes it in China.

    Jeff Arnold founded WebMD in 1996. It is primarily an online publisher of news and information about human health and well-being, including a symptom checklist, pharmacy and drugs information, and physician blogs on specific topics. it also and provides a place to store personal medical information.


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