Thursday, April 4, 2019

Alicia Minjarez Ramírez writes

It Rains...

A longing breeze
tries to show itself,
like nostalgia
up in the air.

Water permeates
my body.
Your breath
fills in
the context.

Longing secrets
that the wind
shakes up in the offing,
then nothingness.

I walk behind
upon the moisture
left by the drops
under the branches.

Birds get detached
from their nests,
looking for
the promised shelter.

Church bells ring,
the night
I long to dry off
the rain,
like those birds
park trees
in the evening.            

The stillness of your eyes
invades me…
Ecstatic wings,
paralyzing their flight.
At my silence’s feet.

-- tr. Alaric Gutiérrez.

 Image result for woman rain paintings
 Woman in the Rain -- Dinara Omarova

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