Sunday, April 7, 2019

Ahmad Al-Khatat writes

The Age of Love
Today, the universe celebrates the birthday
Of my only gifted princess and my fiancée
The clouds will turn transparent like my heart
And blue like the night above the birthday candles

You are the chosen sin from the god of desires
You are the hottest wave from the sea of saltness
Take me to a homeland of nobody’s words that matter
And rebirth my skin to melt a thousand times

With an emotional ribbon tying my spirit down to 
The pillow I unchain your feelings from the blanket
Therefore, nothing will be personal or private
Love doesn’t have a uniform but a lusty scent

By any other name should I write on your cake
Two days, and already it seems like twenty years
That we were friends since the night you were
Born to be my past, present, and tomorrow too

No more secrets nor stories to hide again
In my hands, there is your name whenever I
Read it, tears fall on my cheeks like the rain
When it falls on the window of a lonely widow

Train me to be the age of love like yours today
To stand up and look for a paradise full of
Jasmines and red roses blooming only for the
Tastes of your honey lips and strawberry nipples

Behind the old tree shadows up in the north
I would intentionally break my muscles for you
Healing from you is worth extending to a lifetime
I love you darling, and happy birthday again
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 -- Sara Mostafa

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