Thursday, January 3, 2019

Carl Kaucher writes


Lying on the floor,
I am pondering the patterns,
the lace of lines and lattice
on the ceiling.

And, the dust on the fan
has been there
as long as my gray hair
but, I don’t care.

When I let go of myself,
I become the ceiling.
When I turn on the fan,
I am of the dust.

The cat in the window,
excited by leaves blowing by,
tries to catch them
if they come close enough.

He is destroying the blinds
but I resign
that they are not mine.
I’ve let them go.
For, one day they will blow away
like the leaves.

Anyway, it’s a sunny day.
Sacred beams of Buddha light
shine on the backdrop
of a pale blue Autumnal sky.

There is nothing to do but be.
There is nothing to be
but what I do.

And, when I go out
I am within you.
And when I am in
there is nothing I am without.

At 3:00 I fell asleep
and dreamed of Irish Mountain.
I’d tell you about it
but I’ve already forgotten.

Irish Mountain -- Lois C. McLean

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  1. Irish mountain is located above the New river (the oldest river in North America, and the 5th oldest in the world) in West Virginia. It was named after the Irish people who settled it, beginning with Maurice Sullivan from County Kerry in 1855, followed by John Quinlan from County Clare in 1856. The McCarthys, Nees, Dillons, Carsons, and O'Connors arrived in the 1860s. The 1880 census listed 43 people in 8 families on the mountain, which grew to a population high of 82 in 17 families in 1910. In 1876 Sullivan sold an acre to bishop J. J. Kane of Wheeling, who built the 1st Catholic church in Raleigh county there 2 years later: St. Colman's, named after 1 of the over 200 Irish saints of that name


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