Saturday, January 5, 2019

Bradley Mason Hamlin writes

If the Bears Want Pie

And nobody's fighting

Dean Martin's
Singing about his
Jingle bells

We just
Opened a good
Bottle of red

I'll make
A fuckin fire
And watch Charlie
Get abused

Like I did
On the pool table
8-ball scratch
For the winning
Losing shot

Let it snow
Let it snow
I missed the parade
Busted tv

But that's okay
I'm in the woods
A good blonde
As the bears
Hunger for the feast

I can hear them

It doesn't matter
If it's only
In my mind

I have been given
A genuine
California holiday
And if the bears
Want pie

Can have it. 

Two Bears Holding Pies Avanti Funny Thanksgiving Card


  1. In the US, Thanksgiving, in late November, is the beginning of the Christmas season. Traditionally, extended families get together to eat an expansive meal and watch football and holiday programming on TV, such as the Thanksgiving parade sponsored by Macy's department store in New York (it began in 1924 and has been televised since 1952) or the rival parade in Philadelphia that rival department store Gimbels (now defunct) inaugurated in 1920, making it the oldest. "The Dean Martin Christmas Album" was released in 1966. It contained Ernie Freeman and Bill Justis arrangements of popular Christmas songs, including James Lord Pierpont's 1857 classic "Jingle Bells" (which Pierpont called "The One Horse Open Sleigh") and "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" by Sammy Cahn and composer Jule Styne, which they wrote in 1945. Charlie Brown was the hapless central character in Charles M. Schultz' long-running (1950-2000) comic strip "Peanuts." He made the transition to television in 1965 with "A Charlie Brown Christmas," which is broadcast at least twice every year during the holiday season. Eight-ball is the most common form of pool; the 8 ball is all black (unlike the 7 striped balls and the 7 other solid-colored balls) and is the last one to be knocked into a pocket on the pool table. A scratch occurs if the cue ball is pocketed, resulting in the end of the player's turn, or if the 8 ball is pocketed prematurely, resulting in the loss of the game. (There are many variations in the rules, and no official rule book was published until 1940.) Despite the game's popularity and ubiquity, it only evolved in the 1920s from a game that only invented ca. 1900.


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