Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Austin Belanger writes


Once I cared what you thought!
With insecurity, I fought,
Never seeing any good within me.
Once I valued your opinion.
Words that once defined me
Were the cords within my soul
That you used to bind me.
Once I sought out
What you thought.
Fraught with insecurity,
Your obtuse view
Of what was true.
Never seeing my youthful purity,
A child who valued
Your opinion.
Your words once defined
The cords that held my soul in
And never let my dreams win.
Once I cared what you thought.
Fraught with insecurity,
I walked toward my eternity.
Uncertain of my place,
Blankly staring at this face
Within a mirror.
I still pace,
Having conversations with myself
Over what I’ll tell you when I'm ready - 
When my hands are good and steady,
And I know that I can stand
All on my own.
The face I see is broken.
Its eyes are red and sullen
From salty tears and failure.
But sadness is giving way,
For anger festers shallow,
Just below a heart that’s fallow,
So ready for a change,
Some seed to rearrange this misery,
And give
A reason to change and live.
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The Man in the Mirror -- Suzanne Marie Leclair

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